after months and months of waiting for our first CSA delivery, we’ve been thwarted in the final hours! long story short, the pickup person forgot to grab our veggies yesterday during the assigned window.  alas, no spinach, rhubarb, or herbs for us this week! perhaps this is a sign that i should get myself to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning…

further bad news, i have a squeaky shoe, which i can’t seem to fix!   depending on how quiet our department is at any given moment, i sound like a rodent as i walk down the hall.

but here’s some good news:  it’s friday!  the world cup started! (that’s for b)  and my next post will be about muffins!  i’ll venture to guess that it will be only the first of many posts about muffins.  i have so much to say about them.  for now, i’ll just leave you with this thought:  a muffin is just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast.  and thank god for that.