Did anyone else notice anything odd in the choice of advertising during Tuesday night’s episode of Glee?  In the midst of a show about high school misfits trying to be true to their identities– including their sexualities– and in an episode dedicated to the music of Lady Gaga (spokeswoman for the gays), I spied a commercial for the protection of marriage in Minnesota.  We DVR most of our shows, and gratefully fast forward through all the commercials, but I made hubby rewind for this one!  I don’t remember the organization, but it was some kind of no-gay-marriage schpiel…a pretty serious commercial in between teenage boys dressed like KISS and drama queens lip syncing Pu-Pu-Pu-Poker Face.

Now, I won’t go into the politics of this, and I’ll confess that I don’t know much about advertising.  But I’m under the impression that a TV commercial is still pretty expensive, right?  So…this is a sweeping generalization, but how many people who enjoy watching high schoolers perform musical theater versions of pop songs are also going out of their way to prevent gay marriage?  Isn’t this sort of like a Hardee’s commercial in the middle of America’s Biggest Loser? 

Thematically, Glee often returns to the idea that to be happy, you need to be true to yourself.  A pretty classic theme for any fictional representation of high school or coming-of-age narrative.  And this week’s episode directly centered on the complicated interaction between Curt, resident Gay, and his crush Finn, the hetero-football-singer-male lead.  They dealt with this relationship in a nuanced, thoughtful way, and did justice to the complicated world of teenage emotions, particularly for sexual minorities.  Anyway, I’m just sayin’.  An interesting advertising space for a platform against gay marriage.  Having just won an Emmy, and being one of television’s most talked-about shows, I would imagine that plenty of advertisers are clambering for airtime during Glee’s commercial breaks.  Was it worth it for the Marriage People?  I wonder.