the farmer’s market opened in st. paul a few weeks ago, but i hadn’t had a chance to go until this morning.  is there anything better than sleeping in, picking up a coffee, strolling the aisles of the farmer’s market, peering at piles of fruits and veggies, flowers and pastries?  i think not!  it’s such an inspiration for one’s kitchen, that gorgeous harvest.   it’s a reminder, too: that food has a season; that there are people behind the food we buy; that your efforts as a cook come after the efforts of others, which is one of the beautiful ways that food connects us to each other.  i know this might be over-dramatizing the issue, but it’s easy to forget that our food is grown, that it’s the result of sunshine and water, time, hard work, fresh air.  anyway, this is what i love.  and this is what i’m hoping to recall each week as i pick up my CSA deliveries!!!  my hubby and i are embarking on a new adventure– a share in a CSA (community-supported agriculture).  each week we’ll pick up whatever they collect for us, whatever is in season, and then we’ll figure out what to make with our surprise delivery.  i can’t wait to see how the summer goes.  and whatever the result– delicious or disappointing– you can bet we’ll have one thing to say:  mas vino por favor!